FAQs – General questions

How many RAL COLOURS are there?

There are 2,530 RAL colours in total – 215 RAL CLASSIC colours, 490 RAL EFFECT colours and 1,825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours.




Can I buy RAL paint directly from RAL?

No. RAL neither produces nor sells the paint itself. RAL is exclusively involved in the definition and standardisation of colour shades. So, you can buy colour cards from RAL. Paint in RAL colours can be bought at DIY stores or specialized painters shops.

What are colour fan decks useful for?

Colour fan decks serve as a means of orientation and support in the process of selecting colour. Even though they convey a good impression, they are not binding. Binding colour samples are the registers RAL 840-HR and RAL 841-GL for RAL CLASSIC as well as RAL E1 for RAL EFFECT.

Where is the difference between coated colour fan decks and fan decks printed in 4c?

The difference can be explained by production costs. Printed fan decks are much more low-priced in their production, however coated fan decks provide a higher accuracy.

Are the RAL Colours available in digital form?

Yes. RAL DIGITAL is a software in which all RAL Colours - RAL CLASSIC, RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus, RAL EFFECT - for graphic and CAD programs are integrated. The software contains specifications of RGB, CMYK, HLC as well as Lab- and HEX values and offers many creative functionalities.

Why are the RAL numbers so different in terms of their digits?

The four digit numbers belong to the 215 RAL CLASSIC colours, four digit codes with a hyphen to the 490 RAL EFFECT colours. The 1,825 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours have seven digits.

Is it possible to translate one RAL colour into another, for example RAL EFFECT into RAL DESIGN?

No, this is not possible. The three product lines RAL CLASSIC, RAL EFFECT and RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus are completely detached from each other and independent. RAL EFFECT can therefore not be found in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus and so forth. However, the Software RAL DIGITAL provides the possibility to find the closest match to a colour from another colour product line (RAL or externally).

Can companies get their corporate colours standardized?

In order to have colours standardized by RAL, companies submit colour samples on the basis of which RAL establishes binding primary colour standards. The manufacturing of the colour cards is subject to the same stringent quality standards as the production of RAL colour registers (RAL CLASSIC) and RAL primary standards (RAL EFFECT / RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus).

The new corporate colour is only available for the respective company and cannot be shared with another company. However, RAL is not able to provide legal protection for the specific colour.

Where can I get information on historical RAL colours?

For information on historical RAL colours, please call +49 (0) 1805 74 80 66 (14 cents/min. from German landlines).

(*) = prices excl. VAT