Structural Elements

EHRET - aluminium window shutters

Source: EHRET GmbH

Europe's biggest producer powdercoats the aluminium window shutters in many RAL colours. The picture shows the atrium of Oranienburg district court, fitted with nearly 150 shutters in different RAL colours.

elko GmbH

Matching your club colours, elko GmbH delivers stadium and bleacher seating in RAL colours. The seat shells elko BASIC10 offer highest seating comfort as well as easy and quick assembly.

elko 40M
Source: elko GmbH
elko BASIC10 green
elko BASIC10 red

Fire extinguishers

Source: Fotolia

Fire extinguishers are painted in RAL 3001 Signal red.

Franke Aquarotter

Thanks to the company Franke Aquarotter and its children's product program, washing hands becomes more fun to the little ones. The dividing walls between the single Washino washstands as well as the new armature Aquapino in RAL CLASSIC colours RAL 5002 and RAL 1021 attract the children magically. Also, the company offers children's washstand pillars and half pillars in different RAL CLASSIC colours (RAL 3020, 1023, 5002 and 5018).



The company HÖHBAUER produces front doors in all colours of RAL CLASSIC.


Source: Garagen-Sectionaltore der Hörmann KG

Garage doors from Europe's market leader Hörmann. The photo shows sectional gates in RAL 3003 Ruby red.

Kee Safety

Source: KEE ACCESS © 2013 Kee Safety GmbH

Kee Safety provides suitable handrails on stairways and ramps for commercial and public buildings. Each handrail comes with a choice of polyester powder coating in all of the RAL colours available. Colour and design for a smooth feeling!


Fig. 1: Credo-Half - design radiator, panel in RAL 3003 Ruby red
Fig. 2: Therm X2 - the energy saving radiator, in RAL 3003 Ruby red
Fig. 3: Verteo - the new vertical radiator, in RAL 6018 Yellow green

Source: KERMI GmbH


Source: Markilux

A multi-talented awning: It provides protection from the sun, offers shade and creates colourful effects on the building's facade. The Lifestyle awnings from markilux deliver even more: They utilise new technology to provide sound absorption when listening to music. A variety of lighting systems provide atmospheric lighting accents and with "Shadeplus" - the awning within an awning - they even offer protection when the sun is low in the sky. Dirt and water repellent materials guarantee a long service life. And the new "Silentec" technology means that the awning's automatic operation is almost inaudible. The colour of the housing in the picture is traffic white (RAL 9016). The design of the awning and the woven texture of the covers can be combined by the customer precisely according to their personal preferences. 


Many Schüco products, e.g. this solar module, are available in various RAL colours. At its trade fair booth, Schüco presents doors with the RAL EFFECT colour RAL 350-M as well as with the RAL CLASSIC colour RAL 9007.

Source: Schüco International KG
RAL EFFECT colour RAL 350-M
RAL CLASSIC colour RAL 9007


With Siedle, communication on the door step becomes more colourful: The intercom systems and interior stations of the market leader in building communication are available in all RAL colours. Using the online configurator on the website, customers can plan their favourite system easily.

RAL 2004 Pure orange – Door station from the design line 'Steel'
RAL 2004 Pure orange – Door station from the design line 'Steel'
RAL 4004 Claret violet – Video panel
RAL 4004 Claret violet – Video panel
Source: S. Siedle & Söhne Telefon- und Telegrafenwerke OHG


Steel, stainless steel and aluminium doors by Teckentrup are available in many RAL colours.

Fig. 1: Industrial sectional door
Fig. 2: Fire protection doors at Bremerhaven's Klimahaus

Industrial sectional door
Source: Teckentrup GmbH & Co. KG

Fire protection doors at Bremerhaven’s Klimahaus


Design front doors from the Austrian door manufacturer are available in all RAL colours.

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