Colour in architecture & interior design

Colour in architecture & interior design

Systematic, professional colour design has a decisive influence on aesthetic perception and emotional impact, the quality of the experience and the value offered by architecture. This two-day seminar enables participants to acquire practical knowledge and strategies for the application of colours in architecture. Selected practical examples provide inspiration and demonstrate various design strategies for handling colour in spatial design. The knowledge and colour strategies demonstrated in the seminar are the basis for their successful practical use in all fields of interior design.

1.200 € *
Donnerstag, 12.10.2017 und Freitag, 13.10.2017
RAL Bonn

Content of the seminar

  • Function of colour in nature and cultural spaces
  • Colour perception, light and senses
  • The language of colour and colour effects
  • Colour strategies and application examples

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the evolutionary functions of colour in natural environment and recognising their relevance for the design of cultural spaces
  • Understanding the current state of practical research in colour perception and linking it to design practice
  • Understanding the effect of colour on all other senses and deriving practical applications
  • Being able to analyse the language of colour and the effects of colours on different experiences and behaviour of people
  • Learning about the interaction between light and colour and deriving practical application
  • Analysing and evaluating colour strategies in the modern age and deriving practical applications
  • Learning about different steps to design a professional colour concept and being able to apply them


  • Presentation, excercises, discussions

Who should attend?

Interested parties from the areas of architecture, interior design and creative trades.
English-language seminar

Course data

2 x 8 sessions, 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Prof. Dr. Axel Buether


max. 18

Seminar fee

1.200 € *


RAL Bonn



* VAT-exempt under § 4 Nr. 22a UStG.

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