Wednesday, 11. April 2018

The labelling expert RAL has become a member of DIN

RAL gGmbH (RAL) became a member of the Deutschen Institut für Normung e. V. (DIN) on 1 January 2018. As one of the longest standing experts in the field of labelling worldwide, we are returning to our original area of expertise with our DIN membership. RAL has been ensuring that services are reliably performed and quality standards are maintained for more than 90 years. And RAL’s labels provide reliable guidance for consumers and industry. Almost all of RAL’s business areas focus to varying degrees on the theme of labelling: RAL Quality Marks (Gütezeichen), RAL Colours, RAL Environment, RAL Logo Licence and RAL Academy.

The standards defined by DIN are uniform standards for products and processes. They make it easier to access national and international markets. DIN members provide conceptual and financial support to this proven system. DIN members include companies, associations, authorities and other institutions from the fields of industry, trade, crafts and science.

“Standards affect us all. For us, DIN membership means helping to shape the success of our economy,” according to Rüdiger Wollmann, CEO of RAL. “We want to support German standards with our membership and actively contribute our expertise to the development process for these standards. We are convinced that standards are developed from practical application for practical application. Especially in times characterised by an increasingly complex range of products and services, reliable standards provide important guidance. And we want to make our contribution in this area.”

The German standards collection currently encompasses around 34,000 standards. They are published via the Beuth Verlag publishing house. Whether dummies for babies, stairs or screws, paper or paints – there is hardly anything in our everyday lives that is not covered by standards.

For example, RAL Colours have also been setting the standards for the application of colour for more than 90 years. The colour collection that started with 40 colours has grown over the decades to now include binding specifications for 2,328 colours. The basic collections RAL 840-HR and RAL 841-GL include colours used by important institutions or those of general interest for certain public matters. The colour registers serve as colour templates for designs and formulas in the paint production industry and also contain safety and signal colours – thus fulfilling the colour guidelines according to the DIN standards.

Information about RAL:

RAL Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung e. V. has been the umbrella organisation for Quality Marks (Gütezeichen) in Germany since 1925 and is one of the world's longest standing labelling professionals. RAL gGmbH is a non-profit organization and a 100% subsidiary of RAL. It combines the business areas of RAL ENVIRONMENT, RAL COLOURS, RAL LOGO LICENCE and RAL ACADEMY.

RAL ENVIRONMENT has been the awarding body for the Blue Angel ecolabel for almost 40 years and for the European environmental label – the EU Ecolabel – since 1992. RAL COLOURS has been defining colour tones since 1927 and uniquely classifies them worldwide with colour names and colour numbers. The RAL LOGO LICENCE business area is available to institutions and companies that want to independently market their brand and also prevent any misuse of the brand. Stiftung Warentest has transferred the right to market their licences including the issuing and monitoring of the test logos of Stiftung Warentest to RAL gGmbH since 2013. RAL has expanded its range of services to include the RAL ACADEMY and is thus deepening its commitment to passing on its more than 90 years of experience as a non-profit organisation.

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