CARE + COLABOTRATE trend colours and colour combinations

The 2025+ palette builds on the past and looks to the future. Five colours from the previous edition are updated with ten new companions. Two colours have been influential since 2021+ and have become new classics.

Design inclusively, with purpose and sensitivity, because colour decisions contribute significantly to identification and well-being of all. Use the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus to flexibly and easily adapt our proposals to ensure that your design solutions are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Our inspirational colours make it easier to design for various individuals and groups. They encourage constructive exchanges, help to reduce anxiety and support wellbeing. The colour matrix encourages fitting and imaginative design. Vary and expand the colour selection simply and quickly with RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus. You can also combine additional colours from the previous RAL COLOUR FEELING suggestions.

All colours in the palette can be mixed and matched. Our inspiring colour profiles help you make decisions about high-quality working and living environments. They support functionality, sensuality, connection, creativity and regeneration.

The colour matrix makes colour selection easy. Earthy surface tones, complemented by fresh accents, create successful, vibrant combinations. Our suggestions are based on scientific trend research and many years of experience in high profile colour design. More colour inspirations and insights will be published on the RAL COLOURS social media channels.

As part of RAL COLOUR FEELING 2025+, a material box, the RAL Trendbox, is available, which transfers the 15 trend colours to five different materials and finishes. The RAL Trendbox 2025+ was created in cooperation with our partners Covestro, Gabriel, Object Carpet, Tiger Coatings and the German Design Council.

The RAL Trendbox is an inspiring tool for design and architecture. It eases the project work. The colours are transferred into different materials and finishes. Use the samples for mood boards and concept visualisations.

Play with colours, materials and finishes. Which colours will be best for your next project?


Free to download:

Design-Kit (Colour Libraries, Main and Secondary Colours, Leporello, Images, Poster)

Press Kit (Press Release, Images, Leporello)