Fünf RAL K4 Einzelbogen liegen übereinandergelegt auf einem hellen Holzuntergrund. Der oberste Einzelbogen ist hellblau, der zweite ist dunkelblau, der dritte rot und der vierte Lachsfarben. Der unterste liegt mit der Rückseite nach oben, sodass die Beschriftung "RAL 1000, Grünbeige, Green beige, Beige vert" zu lesen ist. | RAL FARBEN

Five RAL K4 Single sheets are placed one on top of the other on a light wooden background. The top single sheet is light blue, the second is dark blue, the third is red and the fourth is salmon. The bottom one is with the back facing upwards so that the RAL Code "RAL 1000, Grünbeige, green beige, beige vert" can be read. | RAL COLOURS
RAL K4 Single sheet

RAL K4 single pages: RAL CLASSIC A4 colour sheets

Creative planning and design with RAL K4 single sheets

Experience the remarkable brilliance with which the solid colours and the most important metallic, safety and signal colours have been rendered. Exploit the full breadth of colours in a unique collection that has evolved over the years to encompass the most important industry colours. The semi-matt gloss of the coloured swatches provides a practical template with which to simulate applications on a wide range of surfaces and in combination with many different materials.

RAL K4 single sheets can be reordered at any time

Give your creativity free rein: Cut RAL K4 colour sheets to the size required or use them full size. You can reorder RAL K4 single page sheets at any time so that you are always working with new and complete materials.
Note: Do you want to keep a stock of the colours in the RAL CLASSIC colour palette? Discover the RAL K4 ring binder with A4 samples for all 216 RAL CLASSIC colours.

The RAL CLASSIC A4 single sheet is a nice-looking, efficient work resource for architecture and product design. It can be used to ensure that the colours selected satisfy requirements under various mood lighting conditions. This also quickly gives customers a better impression of how the design will look in practice. It frequently means that a photo mock-up or rendering are not needed.

Alina Schartner, Design Consultant + Trend Forecaster, Vienna

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