RAL K6 Box. Die Box ist geöffnet, mittig auf dem Bild und schräg positioniert. Im Vordergrund sind einige Gestaltungs-Accessoires zu erkennen. Im Hintergrund befindet sich der Deckel der Box so aufgestellt, dass die Aufschrift "RAL K6 Box" lesbar ist. | RAL FARBEN

RAL K6 Box. The box is open, positioned in the middle of the picture and at an angle. Some design accessories can be seen in the foreground. In the background, the lid of the box is positioned so that the inscription "RAL K6 Box" is legible. | RAL COLOURS
RAL K6 Box

RAL K6 Box – the versatile design tool

Design competence at the highest level - The RAL K6 Box

With the RAL K6 Box you hold all the colours of the world-famous RAL CLASSIC colour collection in your hand. Whether for collages, mood boards or concept sketches - the sheets of the RAL K6 Box support you in determining the right nuance of your projects. The individual sheets in the functional DIN A6 format give you a realistic impression of the colour in different lighting conditions and can be reordered individually. Let your creativity run free, adapt the sheets to the desired shape and size, stick them on or hand out your customers a sample. The RAL K6 Box supports you in your projects.

RAL K6 – Much more than just a box

All RAL individual sheets are produced in the a sophisticated paintstroke process. They are subject to a complex production and approval process so that you get a colour sample that is colour-stable and realistic at the same time. The Colour samples are also developed and manufactured in Germany. This is how you get a quality product Made in Germany.

The box protects the colour sheets from light and dirt and thus preserves their quality so that you can enjoy creative design with RAL COLOURS for a long time. The handy format makes the RAL K6 Box the perfect companion - also on the go. With its attractive design in the well-known RAL orange, the design box becomes an eye-catcher in every office and leaves a lasting, competent impression on customers. Like all RAL products, the RAL K6 Box is manufactured entirely in Germany within a maximum radius of 300 km to the company location, so that we keep transport routes low and save emissions.

Better together – Perfect additions to your RAL K6 Box

Raise your design options to a new level and compliment your RAL K6 Box with other practical tools that offer you even more options. The RAL K7 colour fan gives you an initial overview of the colours of the proven RAL CLASSIC colour collection. In combination with the RAL K6 Box, colours can be compared and colour combinations coordinated. The RAL COLOR READER helps you to identify colours and provides you with the next RAL shade. You can take a closer look at this with the RAL K6 colour sample. Do you need more colour variety? Then the RAL D6 design box is the perfect match to your RAL K6 Box. You have all the colours of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus and the RAL CLASSIC colour collection and access to over 2,000 colour samples in DIN A6 format.

Do you prefer colour samples in DIN A4 format, but still want to have all the colour samples from the RAL CLASSIC colour collection together as a set? Then the RAL K4 ring binder suits you well.

With the RAL K6 Box, I have all RAL CLASSIC colours at hand to visualise their effect quickly and representatively. The A6 format of the individual sheets is ideal for developing and presenting colour collections or integrating them into easily transportable material collages. This size is often sufficient to get a well-informed overall impression of how the nuances will appear when applied at a larger scale. Particularly practical is that the sheets can also be reordered separately.

Alina Schartner, Design Consultant + Trend Forecaster, Vienna

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