RAL E4 Farbfächer
RAL E4 Colour fan

RAL EFFECT E4 colour fan with 70 metallic colours

Dazzling design possibilities with greyscale tones and colourful hues

Metallic surfaces exert their fascination because they shimmer in the light infinitely more than solid colours. Their power to inspire is immense! Fan out the leaves of the RAL EFFECT E4 Colour fan to display 70 metallic colours reproduced on a generously sized, full-surface swatch, each colour formulated and clearly discernible in the colour circle. Through the use of the latest technologies the options have been extended far beyond the classic greyscale metallic colours – RAL E4 makes tangible the endless variety and graduation of colourful metallic tones in the fan! The high-quality surface finish reveals the depth of colour and serves to inspire creative design.

RAL EFFECT E4 Colour fan – a creative tool

RAL E4 is an indispensable tool for architects, designers and manufacturers, whether it will be for initial colour scheme definition or for colour matching in the studio, with customers or on site! The fan makes colour matching comparisons with other materials quick and easy, while the metallic effect colours allow you to set a stunning highlight in any colour collage.

About the RAL EFFECT colour collection

The RAL EFFECT collection comprises 490 colours in total. Each metallic hue is accompanied by 6 complementary solid colours. These can be found together with the metallic hues in the RAL E3 Colour fan.

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