Der RAL K7 Farbfächer liegt aufgefächert auf einem hellen Stück Holz, welches auf einem dunkelblauen Untergrund liegt. Darüber liegt ein mit verschiedenen Garnen umwickelter Stock. Daneben liegen Fotos in Naturtönen. | RAL FARBEN

The RAL K7 colour fan lies fanned out on a light piece of wood, which lies on a dark blue background. Above it lies a stick wrapped with various yarns. Next to it are photos in natural tones. | RAL COLOURS
RAL K7 Colour fan

RAL K7 CLASSIC colour fan in the practical format

RAL K7 colour fan – a tool for a common colour language

Solid colours are presented together with the most important metallic, safety and signal colours to provide unlimited possibilities for application-relevant design. Manufacturers from around the world and from all industry sectors employ the RAL CLASSIC colour spectrum to specify the colour schemes for their products. The RAL K7 CLASSIC colour fan is therefore a vital tool for defining a common colour language across each of the various production and application stages. International users of the fan chart will find the colour names in 8 different languages on separate pages for use across all geographic borders.

Develop colour harmonies; set targeted contrasts

By combining or contrasting saturated hues and more subdued shades, the colour fan allows you to decide which colours to choose when developing complementary colour harmonies and subtle contrasts. Here, the extensive collection of RAL CLASSIC grey tones, an important design tool, is immediately to hand in the K7 overview.

Practical and flexible: RAL K7 CLASSIC colour fan

RAL K7 supports you in your day-to-day work. As an easy-to-use all-rounder, it is an indispensable tool for designers, architects, industrial clients and processors. Whether you use it in the office for colour specification or take it on site to match colours, the K7 is a quick reference aid that gives you and your customers the confidence to make decisions that will lead to a high-quality result.

The handy RAL K7 CLASSIC Colour fan is great to use both as a reference for individual product coatings as well as for shop construction design – it’s not only small and practical, but can also be branded and therefore customised!

Julia Greven, Brand and Trend Consultant Philla BrandXitement, Cologne

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