RAL digitale Farbbibliotheken | RAL FARBEN
Das Bild zeigt eine Architektursoftware auf einem Tablet, in der ein Bauwerk mit unterschiedlichen grünen RAL Farben eingefärbt wird. Hierbei kann man die verschiedenen Farbkacheln mit den Farbbezeichnungen sehen. Links daneben ist eine Sammlung mit verschiedenen Textilen Mustern zu sehen. Die Person, die das Tablet in der Hand hält, hält in einer Hand zusätzlich drei der textilen Muster in passenden Grün-Tönen.

RAL digital colour libraries | RAL COLOURS
The picture shows architectural software on a tablet in which a building is coloured with different green RAL colours. HYou can also see different colour tiles with the colour names. To the left you can see a collection of various textile patterns. The person holding the tablet also holds three of the textile patterns in matching shades of green in one hand.
RAL Digital Colour Library

RAL Digital Colour Library – RAL colour palette for download

Why to use the digital RAL colour palettes?

The download of the RAL colour palettes is recommended for designers of all disciplines.

  • Architecture and interior design: RAL Digital colour libraries provide the perfect basis for selecting colours for building facades, interiors and furniture.
  • Product design: With the help of the RAL colour libraries, colour effects can be visualised. Also, creating a digital prototype helps to test different colours before the product is being manufactured.
  • Graphic design: When creating logos, business cards, advertising materials, websites as well as any other graphic elements, the use of the RAL colour libraries facilitates a uniform corporate design, creating recognition and belonging.

Overall, the digital RAL colour palettes support the testing of different effects, the creation of prototypes and visualisations, the trying out of colour combinations as well as the development of harmonies.

Would you like to work with official RAL colour libraries in your digital planning and design programmes, such as Adobe Cloud, for example, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, Allplan (version 2023) or Corel? This is possible with the digital colour values for the well-known RAL colour palettes RAL CLASSIC, RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus and RAL EFFECT.

The more than 2,500 RAL colours of the three colour palettes are available for download in RGB and Lab. The colour palettes can be purchased and downloaded individually or as a set.

What are the advantages of working digitally with RAL colour libraries?

The RAL digital colour libraries offer you a wide range of colour options. With over 2,500 shades from three colour palettes, there is the right tone for every planning context.

With the RAL colour libraries, you get an impression of the entire RAL colour spectrum at a glance. At the same time, working with RAL colours is now possible throughout all project phases - from digital planning on the screen to final production.

The digital RAL colour palettes are included in the download in various file formats that are compatible with selected, leading graphic design programmes. This enables designers to quickly and easily access the colours they need and make their work more efficient. You can also individually compile your own colour palettes for your projects within your application.

Due to the standardisation and accuracy of the colour shades, the use of RAL colours is always an optimal choice for your projects. This way, you can ensure that the reproduction of the colour tone in the product or (interior) architecture project corresponds to your wishes and specifications.

Through the use of the digital RAL colour libraries, it is possible to work with precise colour representations already at an early stage of the project.

What should be considered when working with digital RAL colour libraries?

There are various factors that influence the screen display, which is why there are a few aspects to consider when working digitally with the RAL colour palettes.

  • Colour calibration: Accurate colour representation can only be guaranteed on a calibrated monitor.
  • Colour accuracy: Digital colour images are only an approximation of the physical RAL sample. Screen settings as well as the respective graphics software can influence the representation. Therefore, a physical colour sample should always be used for the final colour decision.
  • Colour spaces: A physical colour sample represents the only reliable colour reproduction and should be used before a colour decision and production to match the colour with the digital colour tone from the RAL colour library, as there are different colour spaces, such as RGB or CMYK. Not every RAL colour tone can be directly reproduced correctly in every colour space because colour spaces consist of mathematical systems that are partially limited. For this reason, we recommend that you seek the advice of your manufacturer or printer for fine-tuning the final colour conversion in production or for example in printing.
  • Digital colour values of the RAL colour libraries: Basically, lab values represent the most precise values for colour reproduction. Therefore, it is recommended to implement the lab values into your graphics software, such as the Adobe programmes, and, if necessary, subsequently convert the values into RGB.
  • The provided digital RAL colour libraries were developed only for visual, design purposes.

How can I download the digital RAL colour palettes and implement the colour libraries into the programme?

1. Customer account: First of all, please create a customer account in the RAL COLOURS online shop, if you have not yet created one. The corresponding download file will be stored there after the order process has been completed.

2. Download: Download the digital colour library of your desired RAL colour palette and save it on your computer or another device.

3. Import: Import the digital RAL colour library into the application you are using, e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign or Allplan (version 2023) and Corel.
For detailed instructions follow the instructions of the respective programmes

4. Application: Now, you are ready to digitally integrate RAL colours into a design and add colour to your projects.

Helpful supplements to the digital RAL colour library for an optimal workflow

Thanks to the digital colour values in the RAL colour libraries, the appropriate RAL tools are now available for every project phase of professional colour application to optimally support you from inspiration to final production as well as to simplify your workflow: Let our books or our colour trend report RAL COLOUR FEELING inspire you. With the RAL COLOR READER, you can easily measure a colour that you like - no matter where you are - and the next matching RAL tone will be displayed. Best suited for a quick colour matching are our colour fans. Once you have found the desired colour tone, you can use it in your planning and visualisation with the help of digital RAL colour libraries in your graphics software. Match the tone with a physical colour sample, for example a large DIN A6 or DIN A4 sample, and make sure that the colour tone corresponds to your wishes before it is implemented. For production, have the corresponding RAL colour primary standard card read in and carry out a comparison with the register card after production for quality control.

With the digital RAL colour palettes, you create the link between the physical and the digital colour world. Start your digital designs today and download the RAL colour palettes - individually or all three!

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