Der RAL D4 Farbatlas liegt geöffnet auf einem hellen Holztisch. Eine Person blättert darin. Das Bild ist aus der Vogelperspektive, sodass gelbe und braune Farbkacheln auf den grauen Seiten zu sehen sind. | RAL FARBEN

The RAL D4 colour atlas lies open on a light wooden table. A person leafs through it. The image is from a bird's eye view, so yellow and brown colour tiles can be seen on the grey pages. | RAL COLOURS
RAL D4 Colour atlas

RAL D4 Colour atlas adds a new design dimension

Discover the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus 3D colour model

The RAL D4 Colour atlas allows you to define colours more quickly and accurately. In addition to the two largely intuitive dimensions of hue (H) and lightness (L) it uniquely allows you to define colours according to their saturation (C) for even greater precision – an indispensable must-have for colour professionals. Discover this new dimension in design thanks to the internationally recognised 3D colour model upon which the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus is based.

Use the RAL D4 Colour atlas to facilitate the creation of colour sequences and collections

The RAL D4 Colour atlas presents the entire 3D colour space for 1,825 colours coded according to HLC on 40 pages. This methodological reference work makes it easier to visually comprehend concepts such as colour families or colours with a uniform chroma and brightness, and offers you significant advantages in the creation of colour sequences and collections as well as trend palettes and up-and-coming colour ranges. RAL D4 is especially popular amongst academics because it offers an at-a-glance overview of the modern colour definition system.

RAL D4 Colour atlas with 1,825 original paint samples

Individual colour graduations are depicted on grey, dull-matt paper to prevent reflected light from interfering with colour perception: The colours appear clear and bright against this background. Their reproduction as original paint samples provides a realistic representation of how the colour will look in practice.

The RAL D4 Colour atlas comes with a practical slipcase to protect the colour samples from light degradation and dirt.

I have already been using the RAL Design system since my training and dissertation on the “Miami Art Deco District” at the end of my degree course. I still use the system today to define colour spaces specifically, systematically and independently of the manufacturer. The RAL Design System plus D4 colour atlas really is an indispensable tool.

Nathalie Pagels, Pagels Colour Concepts, Düsseldorf

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