Das Bild zeigt das digitale Farbmessgerät RAL COLOR READER aus der Vogelperspektive. Das Gerät liegt auf mehreren RAL Farbmustern in braun, blau und grau. Am Rand sind ein Smartphone sowie die Verpackung zu sehen.

The picture shows the digital colour measuring device RAL COLOR READER from a bird's eye view. The device is based on several RAL colour samples in brown, blue and grey. A smartphone and the packaging can be seen on the edge.

RAL Color Reader

RAL Color Reader: practical and accurate colour measuring device

Colour measuring tool with 92 % measuring accuracy directly during the first colour scan

Thanks to its precision, the RAL COLOR READER is exactly the right tool for professional colour users. The device will already impress you during the first colour scan with its measuring accuracy of 92 %. The RAL COLOR READER has a highly developed optical lens and six white LEDs with a high CRI value. The powerful LEDs isolate colours and illuminate them equally, enabling you to obtain an accuracy measurement even at the first attempt. It doesn’t matter whether you are measuring wall or floor colours, the colour of a piece of furniture, plastic or textiles, whether the colour is matt or has a metallic effect, plain colours or samples. The colour measuring device will provide the right RAL shade even on the smallest surface.

See a perfect colour match in the RAL COLOR READER app

The mobile Color Reader app offers everything you need to look for a shade, work with shade charts and also to compile and share colour ranges via your iPhone® or Android™ Smartphone. Once you have identified the appropriate, desired RAL shade with the colour measuring device, you can let the app inspire you to more colour designs and develop individual colour designs. Have a look at the complementary colours suggested by the intelligent app technology, the three-colour chart or monochromatic colour ranges. Save colours you need frequently and give them your own names so you can find them again quickly. Compile individual colour ranges, which you can share directly from the app with customers and colleagues for discussions.


A world without colours is not the same. However, the eye often cannot make a distinction between the numerous shades of colour. Is this blue water blue or turquoise blue? And where can you buy it?

With the RAL COLOR READER it is easy to determine the exact colour shade. Hold the handy device on the respective surface and the corresponding RAL colour appears by pushing a button in the corresponding app. Thus, colours can be determined directly on the spot and sent to the manufacturer within seconds.

The RAL COLOR READER is a handheld as well as precise colour measuring device. It is optimally integrated into the RAL colour system and allows a precise and time-saving handling of colours.

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