Originality of RAL products

RAL is going on the offensive against product pirates with a security hologram

RAL E3 colour fan deck with hologram

Already in 2011 RAL set a new standard in collaboration with the HOLOGRAM COMPANY to document evidence of original RAL colour fans in the future without any problems. Since then all the colour fans and design boxes have been provided with a security system: a hologram, which is as effective as a fingerprint. On the one hand it contains visible features such as three-dimensional images and true colour components, on the other hand also not such obviously identifiable features, which can be clearly verified only by using certain technical scanners.

In addition to this directly visible evidence of authenticity, we are also developing clear new features with every edition of our fan, which our RAL products can be verified for authenticity. For example, a few years ago we integrated a lasered logo in our fans, which can be reset via minute perforations only with a great deal of time and effort.

This is not only to protect us against product counterfeiters, but also to provide you, our customers, with the necessary security when you buy our product. We will continue to work on this in the future to improve security even further.