RAL P1 + P2 Kunststofffarbmuster Set
RAL P1 + P2
Plastic colour sample set

RAL P1 + P2 set: the complete RAL colour standard for plastics

300 Plastic colour samples in the RAL P1 + P2 combined set for attractive colour design

The RAL P1 set comprises one protective case containing the 100 most popular colours from the RAL CLASSIC collection. Two further cases contain the RAL P2 set featuring 160 opaque and 40 transparent plastic colour samples from the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus palette. The homogenously coloured plastic samples allow you to experience how light and the material colour interact, and the effect this has on the overall perception of the colour and the material. The material samples serve as a practical reference point – and a perfect accompaniment to your paint-based colour fan decks. They are a valuable companion informing colour selection decisions for coloured plastics.

Polypropylene is the basis for RAL colour plastic samples

Polypropylene was chosen as the material for RAL plastic colour samples. Its balanced characteristics and excellent value for money make it the material of choice in a host of product applications. In addition to its technical characteristics, polypropylene also offers good results in a variety of manufacturing processes and is compatible with a broad range of pigments.

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