RAL 840-HR Colour
primary standard set

RAL 840-HR colour primary standard set: binding samples for all 216 RAL CLASSIC colours (semi-matt)

RAL CLASSIC 840-HR colour primary standard set with precisely reproduced, long-lasting colours

All colour swatches are produced as original paint samples and undergo a rigorous manufacturing and approval process. In this way we ensure that, even after many years of use, you can still rely on the precision and accuracy of the reproduced colours. The RAL 840-HR colour primary standard set contains individual cards displaying each of the 216 colours in the RAL CLASSIC colour collection. With their semi-matt surface finish, they provide the perfect reference for formulating matt varnishes and dispersion paints.

RAL CLASSIC 840-HR as a colour matching tool

The RAL 840-HR colour primary standard set enables you to experience the brilliance of the colours in the unique RAL CLASSIC colour collection – whether solid, metallic, safety or signal colours – while simultaneously learning the relevant technical data for each colour.

As you can see: The RAL 840-HR colour primary standard set is an indispensable tool for all colour matches using the 216 RAL CLASSIC colours. Replacement cards can be ordered at any time should one go missing from the set.

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