Eine Person greift mit der linken Hand in die RAL D6 Gestaltungsbox, um einen passenden RAL Einzelbogen zu finden. In der rechten Hand hält die Person ein graues, rundes Materialmuster. | RAL FARBEN

One person reaches into the RAL D6 design box with their left hand to find a suitable RAL single sheet. In the right hand the person holds a grey, round material sample. | RAL COLOURS
RAL D6 Design box

RAL D6 Design box: the practical colour Design box

1,825 single sheets for precise colour selection

Experience the invaluable benefits of this highly flexible and practical tool. The Design box provides an excellent complement to your work with the RAL D2 Colour fan or the RAL D3 Colour toolbook in conceiving and creating mood boards, colour designs and collections as well as in the development of colour collages. The collection of 1,825 colour cards allows you to make colour decisions with absolute confidence. They support your creativity, are persuasive on behalf of your designs and supply finely nuanced inspiration for your design process.

RAL D6 Design box with high-quality original paint swatches

All colour samples in the RAL D6 Design box are produced in Germany as original paint swatches and undergo a rigorous production and approval process. Only then can we ensure that the RAL colour sheets used in your preliminary design work will remain colourfast over time and guarantee that they provide an accurate representation of how the finished design will look in practice.

RAL D6 single sheets are also available to order separately

Don’t worry should one of the colour samples go missing, be integrated in its entirety into your design or be given to a customer: Each colour card can be reordered from us as a single sheet.

The D6 is perfectly suited for a broad range of work stages in the design process owing to the flexible, large-scale colour cards. D6 is the ideal tool both for brainstorming as well as to finalise colour concepts so that the colour perception can be assessed to a better degree. Individual colours can be placed directly next to each other as colour matches in order to assess the overall effect.

Lindemeyer, Melissa & Schmidt Lina, Farbkultur.design

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