RAL K1 Farbtonblock
RAL K1 Colour booklet

RAL CLASSIC K1 colour booklet as a practical reference guide

Colour booklet for colour matches and combinations

Thanks to its easy referencing, the RAL K1 is a practical design tool. The ability to flip individually through the divided pages makes it an infallible support when selecting a colour baseline or specifying workable colour compositions. It also enables quick and precise colour matching on a broad range of surface finishes. The RAL CLASSIC K1 colour booklet is a valuable companion whether you are in the studio, with a customer or in a meeting with partners on site.

Develop colour harmonies and contrasts with RAL K1

RAL K1 also acts as a source of inspiration in the development of colour harmonies and subtle contrasts. This comes courtesy of the ease and speed with which different colour combinations – for example saturated hues and more subdued shades – can be placed side by side. Here, the extensive collection of RAL CLASSIC grey tones, which are such an important design tool, are readily at hand both as an overview and in comparison with the saturated colours.

The RAL CLASSIC K1 colour booklet is an indispensable companion with countless applications in architecture, design, the skilled trades and industry!

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