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RAL D2 Colour fan

RAL D2 compact Colour fan

All RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours at a glance

The colour fan contains all 1,825 colours in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus collection. These are displayed on 225 pages in colour circle order and are organised systematically into 40 separate colour palettes. Each colour palette is based on a colour (hue) located on the colour wheel between 0 and 360 degrees. Colours of the same hue are arranged in the RAL D2 from light achromatic to dark chromatic. All colours are labelled with the HLC code normally used in RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus.

The ability to quickly locate and combine colours with the same hue, lightness and saturation provides architects, designers, manufacturers and craftsmen with significant benefits – in the design studio, at the first client consultation or on construction site.

Fuelling your creativity: RAL D2 colour fan with coherent classification system

By linking the RAL colour number with a creative and inspirational colour name, your colour scheme decisions take on a new emotionality. The colour name can be found on the front of the fan in English and translated into German, Russian as well as Chinese on the back of the colour field. These and other languages are also available for download.

Moreover, the coherent classification system offers valuable support in the search for colours or in the design of colour harmonies. In addition, the RAL D2 colour fan has page numbers and an index for finding the colour you are looking for even more quickly.

The RAL D2 Colour fan really supports us in our design tasks. The illustration of close colour shades on a fan sheet is particularly helpful and has often enabled us to optimise our colour selection – sometimes a lighter or slightly darker shade is the better alternative.
Monika Haag & Verena Mundle, Renolit Corporate Design Management, Worms
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