Hello and a warm welcome dear visitors to our RAL COLOURS website. We are delighted that you have decided to visit our website. We would like to introduce ourselves on this page so that you can find out a bit more about us and you can put “more of a face” to RAL COLOURS.

Colour definition and colour design have been our passion for more than 90 years. Having started as a colour collection to standardise processes in industry and the transport system, we have continuously developed new products for you, our customers over the decades. They have made the world we all live in more colourful, but also safer at the same time. This is because clear colour identification always also means greater safety in application.

Nowadays our colour charts and colour sheets are at home all over the world and help our customers from the fields of architecture, design, skilled trades and industry. And how can we support you?


I have been fascinated with the wide range of shades and paint pots since I was young. This enthusiasm for colour has stayed with me ever since and is reflected in the many beautiful projects and collaborations which we carry out at RAL COLOURS. My motivation is the fact that I can help our customers and partners all around the globe to make the world a more colourful place with a colour range consisting of more than 2,500 RAL shades.

Tina Henseler
Team Assistant RAL COLOURS

As a team assistant at RAL COLOURS, I support my colleagues with many administrative and organisational issues. My work is as diverse and varied as our colour palettes are colourful. No two days are the same and I am very happy to be part of this colourful RAL world.

Robert peil
Sales Coordinator

As a sales coordinator at RAL COLOURS, I have many varied, demanding and creative responsibilities. I enjoy facing the challenge of work every day, establishing interfaces between our various divisions and am also usually the first point of contact for the concerns of our sales partners. Together with my sales colleagues, I help to make the world a bit more colourful every day.

Internal sales rep

Colours are useful for guidance worldwide, also help communication and trigger emotions. They are as multifaceted as people. In the internal sales department I deal with inquiries and orders from a wide range of people from all over the world concerning the subject of colour. It’s fun to be able to work with the community of colours and people every day: colourful diversity!

Linda Höpfner
Internal sales rep

For many years I have been updating our RAL colour charts with the impression of the company and am able to support and advise our customers in finding the right shade and designing their company logos using our colour charts. The work is very varied and offers international contact and creativity. You can also take the opportunity to use your company profile as a sales aid or advertising material in conjunction without our RAL colours. Please contact me to find out how we can implement this together.

Sina Retzlaff
Internal sales rep

As my grandfather was a painter and decorator, I had contact with colours and coatings from an early age. Today I am proud that I am being trained at RAL COLOURS and in doing so am making the world a bit more colourful. Together with my colleagues, I am able to support our sales partners and help our customers select the right product.

Laura Kilian
Marketing & Product Management

Colour as a design tool has many facets. Starting with the cultural context of a colour, the functional or communicative dimension to the sensual, aesthetic level. There is almost no situation in our environment, in which we are not connected to the topic of colour. This leads to enormous creative potential.
Taking these aspects into the further development of the RAL COLOURS product range is an exciting and varied mission for me.

Martin Kern
Online Marketing & Social Media

For me, online marketing and social media are central points of contact to customers, potential buyers and the community of RAL.

The great thing about it is that a direct exchange takes place here. For me personally, the important thing about it is to remain genuine and communicate on one level. RAL offers wonderfully varied subject areas.

Melissa Lindemeyer
Colour Design & Colour Training

In a visual dialogue, colour is an essential information carrier. Colour can evoke emotions, clarify functions or simply show us the way. With the help of RAL, the interplay of colour, materiality and form can be systematically planned and communicated globally. This makes colour a universal language that can be understood across cultural boundaries.

Melissa Lindemeyer | RAL FARBEN Team | RAL COLOURS Team
Lina Schmidt
Colour Design & Colour Training

Colour unites many different design disciplines such as graphic design, interior design and product design. This multidisciplinary character makes a holistic understanding of colour so important. This diversity can be represented and communicated through RAL. As a colour designer, colour is always the guiding theme in my creative work. Colour is not just a visual appearance, but a central element that shapes emotions, atmospheres and social and cultural identities. RAL serves as a tangible tool to tell stories and bring spaces to life.

Lina Schmidt | RAL FARBEN Team | RAL COLOURS Team
Brand Ambassador & Colour Consultant RAL COLOURS

Colour is often the most important and effective design element. My mission is to make the world a better and more purposeful place through appropriate colour design - far beyond aesthetics and clichés. It gives me great pleasure to work with RAL COLOURS on various exciting projects in the areas of colour education, trend forecasting, colour and emotion, colour and function as well as colour and sustainability. Since 2021 I am also proud to be a brand ambassador for RAL COLOURS.

Alina Schartner | RAL FARBEN Team | RAL COLOURS Team
Markus SToffel
Warehouse Management

I am happy to be part of the RAL COLOURS team since September 2021.
New tasks and a varied activity await me here, which I will face with joy and commitment. The warm and open interaction with one another at RAL helped me to feel comfortable and welcome immediately.

Marius reif
Coordination of Merchandise Management & Logistics

With RAL I have found an employer who gives me the opportunity to incorporate my skills and my experience in the existing processes and new projects. I particularity like the high quality of our products. They always lead to new challenges and a continuous process of improvement, which consistently makes work exciting every day.

Charlotte Jacob

RAL colours are widely known for their quality and variety. We dispatch the high-quality products all around the world. Carefully packing and preparing the goods for their journey to our customers makes the job both exciting and varied for me. I am very happy to be part of this team.

Yasir Butt

After my successful internship, I am now also looking forward to completing my training as a warehouse logistics specialist at RAL COLOURS. It makes me feel good to work in an integrative company where diversity is very important. This atmosphere motivates me and I am happy to be part of the RAL COLOURS team.

Silke Meißenburg
Colour Measurement Laboratory Coordinator

I started in traditional chemistry and moved to coating chemistry a short while later. I have never once regretted this change so far. Precisely in the area of colours and consequently at RAL COLOURS, it’s always exciting and interesting owing to the constant new challenges and projects, which is also reflected in collaboration with customers in Germany and abroad. I’m delighted that I am able to incorporate the knowledge and experience I have acquired over time here and therefore make a contribution to maintaining the quality of RAL colours.

Hasan Atak
Colour Measurement Laboratory

Already during my school days, I wanted to learn a profession which involves colour. This is why I decided to train as a screen printer where I learned to ensure quality and colour matching when printing. It’s how I came into contact with RAL colours and was impressed with the quality and precision of the colour charts. After many years in the printing industry, I am now working at RAL in the colour measurement laboratory. I am allowed to work on the development and quality assurance for our beautiful RAL colours so that we can provide our customers with very good products also in the future.

Yang yang
Commercial director Asia

I am happy to be a member of RAL COLOURS to explore the in-depth knowledge, mystery and amazing effect of colours with a professional colour team. With RAL gGmbH Beijing Rep Office, we continuously brings the advanced colour philosophy and comprehensive colour tools from a world-leading colour brand to our China customers and cooperation partners. It’s our job to be a bridge between China market and Germany team, to make our life more colorful and beautiful.