Materialsammlung zum Farbtrendreport. 75 Muster in einer Box. Die Box ist geöffnet und zeigt die Metall-, Teppich- Textil- und Kunststoffmuster sowie die standardisierten RAL Einzelbogen. Dazu liegt das Leporello zum Trendreport.

Collection of material for the colour trend report. 75 samples in one box. The box is opened and shows the metal, carpet, textile and plastic samples as well as the standardised RAL Single sheets. There is also a leaflet for the trend report.
RAL Trendbox

RAL Trendbox - the haptic counterpart to the RAL COLOUR FEELING 2025+

75 in 1 - Design opportunities with the RAL Trendbox

The RAL Trendbox contains:

  • The leporello to the colour trend report RAL COLOUR FEELING 2025+
  • A total of 75 material samples
  • Insert with presentation of the development & material partners
  • Link to download suitable 3D data (.axf) for import into software programmes as a free add on

The 15 trend colours are available as standardised RAL D6 Single sheets and have been transferred to plastic colour samples and powder-coated metal. The carpet and textile samples are based on the colour tones and expand the box in the direction of textile surfaces. The carpet samples can be easily detached from the carrier material and flexibly inserted thanks to a Velcro adhesive. The screw of the textile samples also serves to fix them in place and can be opened quickly by unscrewing it. Together with the partners Covestro, TIGER Coatings, Object Carpet and Gabriel, a material and colour design box has been created whose elements can be combined in many ways. *

RAL Trendbox - Experimental, application- and future-oriented

The RAL Trendbox encourages creative design and experimentation: combine different colours of the same materials or observe the colour effect in the combination of different materials. The interaction of colour and material as well as their impression under different lighting conditions stimulates a playful, hands-on approach to aesthetic, modern design.

The RAL Trendbox is a holistic approach to design and creates added value for users from a wide range of professions. Whether product design, industrial design or interior - metal, plastic or textile are materials that can be found everywhere.

The importance of colour is evident in all design contexts. Colour achieves different effects in different materials - and the same is true for surfaces. Thus, you will find different surfaces in the RAL Trendbox, from carpet samples with different pile types and textile samples with different structures to the semi-matt RAL Single sheets and plastic colour samples with three different degrees of gloss.

The RAL Trendbox encourages the creation of mood boards, collages, colour concepts and colour harmonies particularly exciting and relevant for use in practice. At the same time, you pick up colour tones that are and will be of particular importance for 2025 and beyond.

Get creative, design sustainably and functionally and experiment with colour and material. Be inspired by the variety of sensual impressions and discover new possibilities for creative exploration.

Use today the trend colours of tomorrow - with the RAL Trendbox

The colour shades of the material samples reflect the trend colours of the new RAL COLOUR FEELING 2025+. The RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus is the source of the 15 colour shades. This enables harmonious combinations that are relevant and expandable in the long term. Thus, five colour shades from the previous year were retained to complement existing design elements and facilitate further development.

RAL Trendbox 2025+ wins "Gold" at the German Design Award

The RAL Trendbox 2025+ has won the highest honour, "Gold", of the German Design Award 2024 in the category "Excellent Product Design". The German Design Award is presented by the German Design Council and honours outstanding submissions in product design, communication design and architecture. The award is recognised as a premium prize in design throughout the industry and internationally. It is awarded in the three categories "Excellent Product Design", "Excellent Communications Design" and "Excellent Architecture". A jury of international design experts determines the "Gold", "Winner" and "Special Mention" awards in each of these disciplines.

Apply RAL trend colours and combine them with other RAL tools

Combine the materials of the RAL Trendbox with other samples of your material collection or the samples of the RAL Trendbox from the previous year and develop exciting design concepts.

As an alternative to the RAL Trendbox, the 15 trend colours are available as RAL Trend Colour Set A6 or RAL Trend Colour Set A4 as single sheets in the handy DIN A6 format or in the large DIN A4 format, each including a leporello.

The RAL D2 colour fan with all 1,850 finely graded nuances of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus is the perfect supplement for the development of a colour concept.

In order to transfer your designs into the digital world and to work out concept visualisations, the digital RAL colour libraries are suitable, which are available for all RAL colour palettes. Through a link in the RAL Trendbox, you will also receive digital 3D data (.axf) of the included materials as a free add-on, which you can import into your software programmes.

Order the RAL Trendbox now and start creative colour projects with the RAL COLOUR FEELING colours!

* Due to the different material characteristics, there may be colour deviations between the different materials. The RAL Trendbox contains samples that are as close as possible to the RAL colour shades and should be regarded as a supplement to the trend colour palette. Only the RAL D6 Single sheets represent the standardised RAL colour tone.

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