Die RAL Starter-Kit Gestaltungsbox steht geöffnet inmitten von Farb- und Materialmustern auf einem hellen Holztisch. Der Deckel der Box ist neben dem Unterteil aufgestellt, sodass die Aufschrift lesbar ist. Im Hintergrund sind einige RAL Einzelbogen zu sehen. | RAL FARBEN

The RAL Starter Kit design box stands open on a light wooden table surrounded by colour and material samples. The lid of the box is placed next to the base so that the label is legible. Some RAL Single sheets can be seen in the background. | RAL COLOURS

RAL starter-kit to access the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus

150 colour shades for modern colour designs

The starter-kit is a design tool for colour design tasks. It offers a coordinated selection of key colour shades for professional room and product design. The colour shades have been selected with consideration of the latest colour trends and timeless design principles (contrasts, colour sequences, systematics). The reduced complexity of the scope of shades means that the package is particularly suitable as a fast-working tool in studios, at customers, for sampling, for mood boards and colour material collages. It’s easy to colour match a room or an item between very light shades and restrict and specify highly saturated colour schemes.

RAL starter-kit in single sheet A6 format supports colour decisions

The individual sheets in the RAL starter-kit in A6 format offer architects, designers and industrial clients both confidence when taking decisions on colour and enjoyment when selecting colours. This will provide functional support to every creation, form a basis for argumentation for colour designs and inspire your successful design process!

Re-order single A6 sheets repeatedly

If you plan to use the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colour sheets in your creative design processes in full format or you are integrating cut-outs of the sheets in your collages and drafts, then you can repeatedly re-order the single A6 sheets you require! Would you like to have all of the 1,825 colour samples from the RAL DESIGN SYSTEMS plus? We have them available as a RAL D6 Design Box.

The tool was developed from practical experience in collaboration with Prof. Dipl.-Des. Timo Rieke and Prof. Ing. Markus Schlegel from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim.

The RAL starter kit offers a clear composition of colours and shows system connections, which we are able to use productively as rational aids. I’m always astounded by how quickly students, also from completely different programmes, are able to understand and use the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus – and enjoy working with it.

Esther Hagenlocher, Architect, Associate Professor Interior Architecture, University of Oregon, USA

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