Colours for Mind, Body & Soul - Bundle

Colours for Mind, Body & Soul: the book of colour psychology

Colours shape feel-good spaces

In recent years, the home has increasingly become the focal point for well-being. It is a place of retreat, relaxation and unburdening to which we return again and again, and in which we feel comfortable. Every room, every corner should feature an interior design that triggers an emotional response which contributes to our overall sense of well-being. A large part of this is achieved through the selection and presentation of colour.

Handbook and inspiration for living with all the senses

Together with RAL COLOURS, the author has created colour and design concepts to illustrate 24 adjectives and associated them with RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours. The expansive book supplies numerous interior design and material examples, colour palettes, mood board concepts and ideas for architects, designers and interior decorators, but also for private house builders and decision makers in the health sector. Thanks to the integrated design templates it is easy to develop your own colour collections.

Let yourself be inspired. Let “Colours for Body, Mind & Soul” be your guide in the selection of characterful colour schemes that will turn every space into an oasis of well-being.

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