"Revelation through concealment", said the world-famous wrapping artist Christo. And this is why the colour and shape are so important for plastic products: They bring life and distinguishing characteristics to plastic. You only have to think about the various German breweries with their characteristic beer crates in a corporate design. Therefore, the transport containers illustrated here are not only available in RAL CLASSIC colours but also in all other RAL COLOUR tones - in line with the motto "give your brand a face!"


The young company camidoo from Bielefeld got a licensing agreement from the broadcasting station WDR, which gives them the exclusive right to print the famous cartoon characters mouse, elephant and duck on satellite dishes. The colours RAL 2008 Bright red orange, RAL 1021 Colza yellow, RAL 5005 Signal blue and RAL 8024 Beige brown give the mouse and her friends their distinctive appearance.


The brand CUBIC from KWS SCHIESTL in Austria stands for unusual seating furniture in extraordinary colours – for example the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours RAL 100 80 60 Advertisement green and RAL 240 60 40 Clear blue.

Flag of the federal republic of Germany

The flag of the federal republic of Germany is a national emblem and symbol of state. The Germany national flag is a tricolor out of three equally sized horizontal bars with an aspect ratio of 3:5, in RAL colours RAL 9005 Jet black, RAL 3020 Traffic red and RAL 1021 Colza yellow.


With "3D Orchestra" Loewe is introducing an integrated Wireless 3D Home Cinema Speaker System for the first time. 3D Orchestra offers a modern look and the best sound. With four or more speakers, the listener is surrounded by the sound from all sides. The product is available in different RAL colours.

Pass for disabled persons

The German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs listed the plastics colours RAL 120 80 30 Natural green and RAL 040 80 20 Madder orange in its specifications for the new pass for disabled persons. Both colours are part of the colour standard for plastics, RAL P2.

Examples of use from other areas