RAL P2 Kunststofffarbmuster Set
RAL P2 Plastic colour sample set

RAL P2 set: RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours as plastic samples

200 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus plastic colours samples in the RAL P2 set

The RAL P2 set contains 160 RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus colours as opaque samples with the highest colour saturation and luminosity alongside 40 transparent colour samples. This opens up completely new and innovative ideas for product and plastics applications.

RAL P2 set for your colour design projects

Each RAL P2 plastic colour sample is divided into three zones of varying thickness, making them an indispensable aid for professional colour design! The plastic colour samples can be used to demonstrate clearly how the interaction between colour and surface texture and the effect of light and material colour combine to influence the overall perception of colour and material. This makes them an excellent point of reference when matching with colours in the colour fan!

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