Corporate Design

Deutsche Bahn AG

For the colouration in regional traffic of Deutsche Bahn AG, RAL colours Traffic red (RAL 3020), Light grey (RAL 7035), Basalt grey (RAL 7012), Jet black (RAL 9005) and possibly Anthracite grey (RAL 7016) are being used. With Traffic yellow (RAL 1023), the first class is indicated.

Source: Deutsche Bahn AG

Deutsche Lufthansa AG

Source: Deutsche Lufthansa AG

The airline's logo shows a dark blue crane (RAL 5022 Night ) on yellow background (blueRAL 1028 Melon yellow).

Deutsche Post DHL

Source: Deutsche Post AG

The vehicles of Deutsche Post DHL are painted in RAL 1032 Broom Yellow. The vehicles are therefore the only exception to the Corporate Design, as other Materials (mail boxes, work clothing, etc.) are developed in special "post yellow" colour.

Deutsche Telekom AG

Source: Deutsche Telekom AG

RAL 4010 Telemagenta is the corporate design colour of Deutsche Telekom AG and a registered colour brand for the company's products and services.

Glas Trösch

Source: Glas Trösch

Fig. 1: Transitbar at Munich Airport with Langnese Sunshinegate in RAL 3018 Strawberry red
Fig. 2: Rupertus Therme, Bad Reichenhall: RAL 3020 Traffic red

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