Das Farbwörterbuch liegt geschlossen auf einem hellen Holztisch. Daneben liegen mehrere Materialmuster in unterschiedlichen Farben und Formen. Das Buch hat einen gebundenen Einband, der mehrere bunte Querstreifen hat. | RAL FARBEN

The colour dictionary lies closed on a light wooden table. There are also several material samples in different colours and shapes. The book has a hardcover that has several colourful horizontal stripes. | RAL COLOURS
The Colour Dictionary

THE COLOUR DICTIONARY: new dimensions in colour theory

Understanding the effect of colour, targeting colour in a focused way

Do you want to know how colours mirror words like “honest”, “likeable”, “tactless” or “endless”? Around 20,000 images illustrate the breadth and depth of colour associations with individual adjectives. 42 selected expressions are illustrated by expressive collages that demonstrate the effect of the colours associated with the expression when applied in practice. A large wall poster with an overview of all 42 expressions and their associated colours is included with “THE COLOUR DICTIONARY”.

Published by Callwey, the bilingual volume is a standard text in the fields of advertising, interior design, decoration and theory, and is an indispensable source of inspiration for trend consultants, designers, architects and craftsmen.

Colour and colour combinations have a different effect on everyone. What does my building contractor mean when he imagines a “tastefully” designed room or one with an “intimate” effect? What colour associations is he thinking of? The colour dictionary is an excellent “encyclopaedia” to compare language and colour associations with each other and to ensure that people are talking about the same colour mood.

Cordula Bahm, colour studio – colour design & interior design, Karlsruhe

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