FAQs – Questions about RAL DIGITAL


Where can I buy RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

You can download RAL DIGITAL 5.0 via our webshop at as a DEMO Version and acquire a license for the full version.
Please note that downloading should be performed onto the device that the full version is to be used with later on. At the beginning, an activating code will be shown in the installed demo version. This code is device-specific, and we require it to compile a license code.

How do I obtain a license key for the RAL DIGITAL 5.0 full version?

In order to obtain a license key, please download RAL DIGITAL as a demo version. Please note that it is essential to install the demo version on the same device on which the full version will be activated as well later on.  
When the demo version starts, a window will open showing the different options as well as a five-digit activation code that will be needed later on in the ordering process. Please take the button “Buy Full Version” in this window. You will now be guided to the RAL Online Shop. Please note that you need to be connected to the internet for this. The license for the full version of RAL DIGITAL 5.0 can be bought at the online shop. During the ordering process, please enter the activating code in the box provided. We need this code to generate the device-specific license key.

You will receive the final license key two to three days after receipt of your payment or, if you have paid by credit card, two to three days after conclusion of the buying process.

What does the License for RAL DIGITAL 5.0 imply?

RAL gGmbH concede you a non-exclusive right non-limited in time to use the software of the demo and full version for your own purposes on the hardware assigned. The license only permits you to use the full version according to the number of individual licenses you have acquired. Please consult the RAL-DIGITAL 5.0 Software License Agreement for further details

As a licensee, am I permitted to use RAL DIGITAL 5.0 in several computers?

An individual license is required for each workplace since the license key is device-specific.

For how many users is the license valid?

The license for RAL DIGITAL 5.0 is a single-user license. However, RAL offers sliding scale prices for the purchase of several licenses. For price details, please go to the online shop.

Can RAL DIGITAL 5.0 be used as a server version?

RAL DIGITAL 5.0 software is not designed for installation in a server environment to provide access for several users. As well in this case, a separate license key is required for each user / each device.

Are school or university students entitled to price reductions when purchasing RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

For all of our projects not subject to fixed book price agreements, we grant 15 % price reduction for school and university students. If you are entitled, please send us a copy of your school or university student card to Support@RAL-DIGITAL.com.

How long does it take to activate RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

Activating is within two to three workdays after receipt of payment or, with payment by credit card, after debiting from your credit card.

Can older versions of RAL DIGITAL 5.0 be upgraded?

We offer an inexpensive upgrade of the versions 4.0 and 4.01.

Is RAL DIGITAL 5.0 also available as a USB version?

The new RAL DIGITAL 5.0 is only available as a download version.
For this purpose, please download the demo version onto the device that the full version will be running on.

Can I test RAL DIGITAL 5.0 before I buy it?

You have the opportunity to test RAL DIGITAL 5.0 as a demo version with a restricted number of colours. In the test version, all functions are available to you, although only every fifth colour will be displayed.

What is the difference between the demo and the full versions of RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

The demo and the full versions differ with regard to the number of visible colours and colour values. Only every fifth colour is shown in the demo version. The other colours are black.  Otherwise, the demo version provides you with the full extent of functions.

What are the most important novelties in Version 5.0?

Will there be updates for RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

Since we are constantly developing RAL DIGITAL 5.0, there will also be updates.

What can I do if my license key doesn’t work or no longer works?

In this case, please consult our RAL DIGITAL client support.

Where can I get further help?

Many questions about the functionality and application of RAL DIGITAL 5.0 are answered in the corresponding Help guide. Here, you will find help in a PDF format. In case you haven’t found an answer to your question yet, you are welcome to contact us via email at  Support@RAL-DIGITAL.com.


Which operating systems does RAL DIGITAL 5.0 support?

RAL DIGITAL 5.0 is suitable for Windows 7 or more recent versions.

What are the system requirements for RAL DIGITAL 5.0?




Windows 7 or higher


2 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit

Main memory:

2 GB

Disk space:

1 GB free disk space

Which languages are supported by RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

You can choose between the English and the German language. You can still select the language when the software has already been installed.

Installation instructions for various operating systems

Please download the installation instructions for the demo version


Which functions does RAL DIGITAL 5.0 provide?

  • Looking up colour values for the RAL colours from RAL CLASSIC, RAL DESIGN and RAL EFFECT
  • Determining the next RAL colour hue for a colour
  • Colour hue, brightness and saturation filter
  • Dictionary filter with the terms used in the RAL BOOKs: “The Colour Dictionary”, “Colours of Health and Care” and “Colours for Hotels”
  • Searching for a colour with a large selection of headwords
  • Compiling colour harmonies according to colour hues, brightness and saturation
  • Compiling your own colour palettes with the ScratchPad
  • Colouring your own or existing pictures
  • Comparing colours in different kinds of light

Which colour palettes are contained in RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

  • Brillux
  • Caparol
  • Cloverdale Paint
  • David Frost
  • Diamond Vogel Paint
  • Forrest Paint
  • Hempel
  • Herbol
  • Hirshfield’s
  • Keimfarben
  • Miller Paint
  • Rodda Paint
  • Sigma
  • Sikkens
  • Sinteplast

Are the brightness reference values contained in RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

Under the term LRV, you will also find the light reflectance values in RAL DIGITAL.

Can I adopt the RAL DIGITAL 5.0 values as a standard in my measuring device?

In order to obtain an optimum of accuracy in results, we always recommend to refer to RAL colour standards, e.g. for RAL CLASSIC, RAL 840-HR (semi matt) or RAL 841 GL (gloss).

Can I work out colours using RAL DIGITAL 5.0 data?

Please only use the RAL colour standards recommended to compile and control colours, e.g. for RAL CLASSIC colours, RAL 840-HR (semi matt) or RAL 841 GL (gloss).

Do the colours and details in RAL DIGITAL 5.0 correspond to the original samples?

RAL colour standards were read in to compile the colour values. As usual when reading in colours, device-specific tolerance has to be considered.

There are colours that cannot be represented in the RGB or CMYK colour space and whose values are > 255 or 100 or <100. We have accurately stated these values so that you can see that the colour represented cannot be represented in the respective colour space and that if the value for further processing is rounded up or down, it will not correspond to the true colour.

Can I colour my own pictures in RAL DIGITAL 5.0?

The lightbox offers you the option to colour your own pictures. Please prepare the picture in a program capable of compiling masks for colouring.

The following has to be considered when compiling your own patterns:

  • The optimum image size is 800 x 600 pixels.
  • Save the image file as *.PNG in the “LightBox” directory of the RAL DIGITAL 5.0 Installation Registry (e.g. “Test1.PNG”). Please note that this requires administrator rights
  • Save the image again under another name – here with the suffix “Mask” (e.g. “Test1.Mask.PNG”). This suffix will instruct the program to treat all masked levels as levels to be coloured.
  • A maximum of 3 areas can be coloured.
  • Compile 3 levels in the masking file – one for each mask. If you wish to work in an image with just one colour, you will only need one mask level.
  • The areas to be masked should have a saturation of 0, and the grey value should attain a brightness of 50 (128 RGB)
  • The colour values for the mask on the 1st level are: red 255, green 0, blue 0
  • The colour values for the mask on the 2nd level are: red 0, green 255, blue 0
  • The colour values for the mask on the 3rd level are: red 0, green 0, blue 255
  • Define a completely black level between the background and the masking levels

Which export formats does RAL DIGITAL 5.0 offer?

Excel (*.csv); Chromalyzer v1.x (*.txt); AutoCAD Colour Book (*.acb); Palette Image (*.png); Photoshop (*.aco); Corel (*.cpl); Illustrator (*.ase); Extensible Markup Language (*.xml)

(*) = prices excl. VAT