RELATE + SUPPORT is a work tool which saves time in the areas of design, (interior) architecture and industry to develop successful products and atmospheres. Colour is often confused with simple colourfulness and leads to uncertainty in planning. The 15-part colour range gives designers the freedom to play with their contexts with the certainty that they can fall back on a proven colour selection.

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RELATE + SUPPORT combines colour, emotion and function.

Global and individual challenges have increased the awareness that design must improve our quality of life and our ecological footprint. As a world community, we are facing far-reaching decisions about the future. Sustainable solutions and resilience must build on an inclusive "we-culture". Holistic concepts for rooms, services and products in line with requirements which are accessible to everyone are important.

RELATE + SUPPORT presents a lively and adaptive colour range, matching the requirements of our time. The trend report is a tool which both promotes and supports functional and sensuous-aesthetic design. The need for easily accessible and flexible solutions has emerged from fundamental social developments and experiences during the pandemic. In this sense, colour is not a superficial decision but one based on content.

The key to adjustable design with diverse uses lies in the simple combinability of colours. The colour combinations of RELATE + SUPPORT facilitate the holistic values which are becoming increasingly important in the relationship between people and the environment. At the same time the colour range reflects a responsible attitude regarding environmentally aware design processes for material selection and production. In addition, design must schedule supply chains and subsequent recycling into the design process from the outset.

RELATE + SUPPORT is a professional design tool for sustainable design

With RELATE + SUPPORT we offer professionals involved in design and architecture an exciting design tool, which not only offers inspiration in the short term, but also makes your project work easier in the long term. The colour matrix provides a wide range of suggestions for the atmospheric and function-oriented design of our environment.

Colour should not be considered in isolation. Combining the colour with ColourCODES, FormCODES, SurfaceCODES and PatternCODES describes its overall effect. You can obtain more information about this in social media posts during the next few months. Follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.

The RAL COLOUR FEELING 2022+ colours have a wide range of use. They facilitate multifunctionality instead of polarity. Pleasant surface colours and coordinated tones can easily be combined to satisfy the requirements of human-centred design. Start with one of the colour combinations we suggest or generate new colour adaptations for your project with confidence. Vary and expand the colour section simply and quickly with RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus.

RELATE + SUPPORT trend colours and colour combinations

In a society facing major decisions on protecting the climate and environment, shades with a natural effect remain important. They are supplemented with decisive nuances, which motivate us. Together this results in a symbiosis that expresses the spirit of our time: a rising interest in individual and collective holistic health incorporating special local and cultural features, combined with the best technical innovations.

Higher expectations of sustainable practices also influence global colour preferences. Shades reminiscent of unbleached materials and soft, natural colours are becoming more important. They offer greater diversity and flexibility than unchromatic grey, black or pure white. High-energy contrasting colours create additional opportunities for expression and assimilation.

All the shades in the colour range can be combined with each other without any restrictions. We offer functional and discreet colour profiles as well as eye-catching ones with greater contrasts to help in the decision-making process. The colours appear more discreet with matt surfaces and increase the emphasis with higher gloss levels. The more intensive nuances are also very well-suited to playing with transparencies.

The colour spectrum deliberately oscillates between earthy and dynamic shades to achieve a holistic approach. Our research, analysis and synthesis demonstrate the development towards warmer nuances, which are balanced with cooler shades. The resulting colour range facilitates moody complementary compositions as well as contemporary shade-in-shade designs. Which combinations will be appropriate for your next project?

RELATE + SUPPORT Trend report background information

RELATE + SUPPORT came into existence from the notion that people search for solutions during times of crisis. A targeted and responsible colour selection is essential for this. Work is being carried out at full speed in the areas of design, research and innovation to look for options for a future worth living. As a society, we are in the process of moving towards this. Our colour space is considered a challenge to plan and design consciously. Colour decisions can make a great difference if they coincide with a holistic approach.

The colours selected for the trend report are based on the observation and assessment of the social, technological and design trends of the last 60 years up to the present day. The colour spectrum which has been developed additionally refers to fundamental design categories and detailed studies on the effect and perception of colour.

The RAL COLOUR FEELING series is intentionally less time-related than publications which focus purely on short-term trend colours. It's our aim not to define rigidly stipulated colours, but to develop an up-to-date colour profile which creates design opportunities instead of decreasing them.

RAL stands for quality

RAL has stood for quality and environmentally aware design for decades. This approach is demonstrated from the decision to make the colour trend collections freely available up to the awarding of the Blue Angel environmental quality seal. RAL has been reviewing and guaranteeing that the products and services awarded the Blue Angel satisfy high requirements regarding the environment, health and usage properties.

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The translation of the main colours in CMYK, RGB and HEX can be found HERE.

Colour library files for RGB-VALUE and Colour library file for AUTOCAD can be found HERE.

A list of RAL main and secondary colours can be found HERE.


Watch the video of the presentation of RAL COLOUR FEELING 2022+ here.


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