Save the Date RAL COLOUR FEELING 2025+


The new colour trend report RAL COLOUR FEELING 2025+ is coming soon.

Thursday, 28 September 2023
German presentation: 11 am (CEST) (11:00)
English presentation: 1 pm (CEST) (13:00)

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Note the date now! Join us!

Look forward to background information on the 15-part colour palette, possible applications and time for questions and discussion with the development team of the Trend Report - including Prof. Timo Rieke and Alina Schartner.


The trend report RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ includes 15 colour tones that will be highly relevant in many different areas of design for the year 2023 and beyond. In addition to the 15 colours, different application options, colour combinations and colour effects are shown.

For the first time, a corresponding product to the RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+, the RAL Trend Box, will be presented this year. It transfers the trend colours into different materials and invites you to an experimental approach with colour and material.

As in previous years, the RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ and the RAL Trend Box result from a close cooperation with internationally well-known partners. The latest edition of the RAL Trend report extends the collaboration with the Institute International Trendscouting at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hildesheim, Germany. This unique combination of science-based analysis and application-oriented forecast of the RAL COLOUR FEELING leads to a very special support for designers from a wide range of disciplines.

The scientific approach of developing the RAL trend report takes a wide variety of factors into account - including social and design trends - from the past 60 years until today. The identification of epochal colour and material cycles, constant trend scouting and the use of individually developed design research methods are essential elements in the continuous development of the RAL trend report. Early detection of technology and its impact as well as expert surveys complete the process.

This is how we ensure a scientifically based trend report and deliver products with added value.

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All colours and background information of the trend report

Combination and application possibilities of the 15 trend colours

60 samples in one box: 4 materials in each of the 15 trend colours

These are the cooperation partners of the RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ and the RAL Trend Box