With SHARE + APPLY we are sharing an activating to regenerating range of colours for applications in architecture, design, professional trades and industry.

Nowadays design has to perform to a higher level than ever before in between the many global and personal challenges. As one of the most influential design tools, colour has a special place in this. Colour supports the design of positive scenarios and opportunities for action. A successful selection of colour encourages identification and communication. Colours serve people and are a sign of cultural significance. They create atmosphere and can inspire us from a sensual and aesthetic perspective. Intentional colour design is good for us.


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RAL 260 80 10

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Powder soft blue

RAL 260 80 10 is a hue from the blue range (260°), with relatively high lightness (80) and low chroma (10). Powder soft blue brings with it a calm and airy feel. Subtle and timeless this nuance pairs well with many other colours. It makes a great alternative for white and light grey. Matt and semi-matt finishes should be preferred, otherwise, the colour might lose too much visual presence.

RAL 280 60 25

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Opal violet

RAL 280 60 25 is a hue from the purplish-blue range (280°), with medium lightness (60) and medium chroma (25). Opal violet lends itself to dreamy, soothing spaces and relaxing products. This nuance is visually more stabilizing than many blues. Any finish can work, but ultra matt finishes look most elegant.

RAL 030 60 20

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Desert red

RAL 030 60 20 is a hue from the red range (030°), with medium lightness (60) and relatively low chroma (20). Desert red is incredibly versatile, hitting the sweet spot between softness, stability and sensuality. Ground busy palettes with it or use it as a gentle accent colour. Its earthy warmth harmonises best with matt and semi-matte finishes.

RAL 060 70 20

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Peanut butter

RAL 060 70 20 is a hue from the orange range (060°), with relatively high lightness (70) and relatively low chroma (20). Peanut butter is ideal to create a warm and relaxed look. Reminiscent of clay and sandstone this timeless nuance is more sensual than many of the beiges and greiges prevalent recently. Consider mixing smooth and raw finishes for a contemporary update.

RAL 290 30 25

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Gloomy blue

RAL 290 30 25 is a hue from the bluish-purple range (290°), with low lightness (30) and medium chroma (25). Gloomy blue radiates an intriguingly elegant atmosphere. Its deep quality looks mesmerizing from matt to full gloss. Contrary to common belief it makes rooms feel larger, as the colour seems to recede into the night sky.

RAL 090 85 05

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Pepper white

RAL 090 85 05 is a hue from the yellow range (90°), with relatively high lightness (85) and very low chroma (05). Pepper white feels natural and is reminiscent of unbleached textiles and chalky plaster. This nuance is a subtle base colour for interior and product design suitable for most lighting conditions.

RAL 160 80 05

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Fog green

RAL 160 80 05 is a hue from the green range (160°), with relatively high lightness (80) and low chroma (05). Fog green creates a fresh and pure look across categories. This subtle grey-green is a prime example of the growing importance of chromatic neutrals. For a contemporary look, use it instead of light grey or white.

RAL 170 50 55

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Absinthe turquoise

RAL 170 50 55 is a hue from the bluish-green range (170°), with medium lightness (50) and high chroma (55). Absinth turquoise feels decisive, athletic and refreshing. Due to its vibrancy, it is more timely than most of the other nuances in this palette, but that makes it an excellent choice to create a cutting-edge look. Opt for full gloss for maximum impact or go for a velvety matt for a more subtle effect.

RAL 040 50 40


RAL 040 50 40 is a hue from the orange-red range (040°), with medium lightness (50) and relatively high chroma (40). Ant red radiates warmth, sensuality and nonchalance. Though this sun-baked nuance is often associated with brick and terracotta it is suitable for any finish. Glossy and transparent materials add a particularly modern edge.

RAL 320 80 05

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Light violet

RAL 320 80 05 is a hue from the purple range (320°), with high lightness (80) and very low chroma (05). Light violet feels relaxed and tender, especially in matt finishes. This subtle hue can adapt to different moods. Light violet is a soft wall colour that offers an alternative to white and light grey.

RAL 095 70 40

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Banana green

RAL 095 70 40 is a hue from the greenish-yellow range (095°), with relatively high lightness (70) and relatively high chroma (40). Banana green appears juicy, vital and edgy. Use it in moderation, but don’t miss out on it to create an interesting focal point. Any finish will work. Transparencies and high gloss levels are particularly exciting. Matte textures make the colour look much more natural

RAL 110 40 20

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Antique green

RAL 110 40 20 is a hue from the yellowish-green range (110°), with relatively low lightness (40) and relatively low chroma (20). Antique green is the perfect blend between natural abundance and unobtrusiveness. As its name hints, this colour works well for vintage-inspired designs. Although its appearance will change considerably depending on the finish you choose, this nuance is a CMF design allrounder.

RAL 100 70 20

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Sand brown

RAL 100 70 20 is a hue from the yellowish-green range (100°), with relatively high lightness (70) and relatively low chroma (20). Sand brown is a calming, nature-inspired nuance that reveals its nurturing beauty at a second glance. As it harmonises with many other colours it is a gorgeous, more atmospheric choice to replace classic neutrals. Avoid shiny finishes. Organic shapes work well, but this nuance also looks marvellous with clean lines.

RAL 340 70 35

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Firm pink

RAL 340 70 35 is a hue from the magenta-red range (340°), with relatively high lightness (70) and relatively high chroma (35). Firm pink is a joyful and empowering statement. This confidently artificial-looking nuance oozes an innovative and playful dynamic. Go all in with glossy finishes. However, small doses usually do the trick already. Larger scale applications should be limited to areas where people only spend a shorter amount of time.

RAL 010 40 25

RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ Mineral red

RAL 010 40 25 is a hue from the red range (010°), with relatively low lightness (40) and medium chroma (25). Mineral red evokes memories of earth pigments and the famous sun-bleached facades of Scandinavian cottages. Its naturally stabilizing effect is best suited to matt or semi-matt finishes and rustic textures.



SHARE + APPLY encourages motivational design.

Everyone knows that systemic changes are necessary and possible. More is rightly expected from businesses than simply talking about sustainability. Working in a circular, regenerative, ethical and fair way is a requirement. Everyone must do more good things instead of fewer bad things. A holistic approach and inclusivity are important objectives of meaningful renewal.

SHARE + APPLY is correspondingly adjusted to contemporary aesthetics, which facilitates combinations with long-term added value. The colour range for 2023+ intentionally sees itself as a further development of this. Three colours have been retained from the previous year to make it even easier to supplement design elements which already exist. The 15 colours are optimal for phygital (physical + digital) designs. The nuances with a natural look have been inspired by algae and clay-based colours. The more artificial nuances reflect the upbeat mood and exciting creativity of the metaverse. Save resources and if possible, work with materials’ inherent colours as well as agricultural and industrial waste to derive appealing pigments. The market is ready for colour variations.

Design processes have to be conceived and implemented in an even more holistic way. The humanitarian, economic and political events of the last year have made it clear how much everything and everyone is intertwined. Global uncertainties and difficulties need us to expand our view comprehensively. For companies this means changing focus from human-centred to planet-centric design. What’s good for the planet, is also good for us humans.

SHARE + APPLY is a professional design tool for sustainable design.

With SHARE + APPLY we offer professionals involved in design and architecture an exciting design tool, which not only gives inspiration in the short term, but also makes project work easier in the long term. The key to adaptable design for various uses lies in the simple combinability of the colours. The colour matrix provides a wide range of suggestions for the atmospheric and function-oriented design of our environment.

Colour should not be considered in isolation. Combining the colour with ColourCODES, FormCODES, SurfaceCODES and PatternCODES describes its overall effect. The RAL COLOUR FEELING 2023+ colours are extremely versatile. They enable the implementation of subtle to eye-catching concepts. Pleasant surface colours and coordinated accents can easily be combined.

Our inspirational colours make it easier to design for various individuals and groups. They encourage constructive exchanges, help to reduce anxiety and support wellbeing. The colour matrix encourages fitting and imaginative design. Vary and expand the colour selection simply and quickly with RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus. You can also combine additional colours from the previous RAL COLOUR FEELING suggestions. You can find the direct links at the end of this text.

SHARE + APPLY trend report background information

SHARE + APPLY originated from the idea of providing as many people as possible with encouraging and easily applicable inspiration. Continuing crises are stressful for everyone. Targeted and responsible colour selection can reduce emotional and physical effects and be supportive. We are sharing our knowledge about constructive colour design and look forward to seeing your applications. Please use the hashtag #colourfeeling to share your work with the RAL COLOUR FEELING trend colours.

The Trendmemo info-graphics show which mega-, macro- and microtrends we have taken into account when making our decisions to select the 15 colours for SHARE + APPLY. We use several methods to forecast trends so that we can offer relevant colour suggestions with long-term value.

The colours selected for the trend report are based on observing and assessing social, technological, economic and design trends over the last 60 years. The colour spectrum which has been developed also refers to fundamental design categories and detailed studies on the effect and perception of colour.

You can find all the colours in the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus. The colour system, which includes 1,825 nuances, enables accurate colour communication and true-to-colour implementation worldwide.

The RAL COLOUR FEELING series is intentionally less time-related than publications with a pure focus on short-term trend colours. Our aim is not to define inflexible colours but rather to develop an up-to-date to future-proof colour profile, which creates design possibilities rather than reducing them.

RAL stands for quality

RAL has stood for quality and environmentally aware design for decades. This approach is demonstrated from the decision to make the colour trend collections freely available up to the awarding of the Blue Angel environmental quality seal. RAL has been reviewing and guaranteeing that the products and services awarded the Blue Angel satisfy high requirements regarding the environment, health and usage properties since 1978.

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