Intelligent and precise colour matching for professionals.
Bonn, July 2021

RAL COLOURS, one of the leading global colour standardizing companies, announces the launch of its new colour tool, the RAL COLOR READER. Combining the renowned colour legacy of RAL with that of colour management expert Datacolor, the RAL COLOR READER lets you scan the flat surface of any colour to instantly find its precise RAL colour match via its feature-rich companion app. In addition to providing accurate colour matches, users can tap on to their colour match to find coordinating colours, conveniently organized into monochromatic, analogous, triad and complementary colour palettes, simplifying and facilitating the colour matching and coordinating processes.

For the professional, the RAL COLOR READER streamlines the workflow process, allowing architects, interior designers and painters the ease and ability to accurately match paint colours right from the job site without having to remove wall samples and take them to the paint store for accurate colour matching. RAL COLOR READER also provides precise colour data (CIE Lab, RGB, Hex, CMYK, LCH and LRV) for digital design work, allowing users to easily convert colour matches to other palettes if needed.

With its compact size and ease of use, the RAL COLOR READER lets professionals and consumers capture colour inspiration on-the-go, save it and share with staff, other design professionals, homeowners, friends and family. For easy access and reference, organize and label the saved colour matches by job or by room, or create signature colour palettes.

The RAL COLOR READER is available online at RAL Color Reader colour measuring device | RAL Colours (⁢

RAL is the applied language of colour. With the RAL CLASSIC and RAL EFFECT colour collection as well as the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus, RAL offers professional colour users a wide-ranging selection of precise colour samples. The range of RAL colours includes a total of 2,530 shades. With colour charts, plastic standards and software products as well as colour design and trend booklets, RAL products offer the ideal product for every design purpose. At the same time, it’s the common objective of RAL and its partners to develop principles for sustainable design and the impetus for the colour language of the future.

About Datacolor
Datacolor, a global leader in color management solutions, provides software, instruments and services to ensure accurate color of materials, products, and images. The world’s leading brands, manufacturers and creative professionals have used Datacolor’s innovative solutions to consistently achieve the right color for over 50 years. The company provides sales, service, and support to over 100 countries throughout Europe, the Americas, and Asia. Industries served include textile and apparel, paint and coatings, automotive and plastics as well as photography, design and videography.

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