Usability and Internationality as central theme for the Optimisation of the RAL Colour Fan

Usability and Internationality as central theme for the Optimisation of the RAL Colour Fan

The optimised edition of the colour fan with its 1,825 colours improves usability for designers from the fields of architecture, design and crafts all over the world.

The unique colour names of the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus are now available in English directly next to the 7-digit RAL colour code. This enables designers worldwide to benefit from the associative effect of the names, which stimulate creativity. To overcome international language barriers, the colour names are written in German, Chinese and Russian on the back of the colour field.

Now, an index and page numbers make it much easier to find a specific hue. This has simplified handling and increased efficiency in the use of the design tool. Thus, the previous second fan with the translations of the colour names is no longer necessary.

Increased grammage of the paper and consequently improved stability prolong the life of the product and ensure good quality.

Even in the new edition, the colour fan is protected from light, dust, dirt and transport damage by a valuable protective box. This box is now handier and takes up less space.

"RAL COLOURS is known worldwide for the colour standard RAL CLASSIC. However, RAL COLOURS is much more than 216 colours. The RAL D2 Colour fan from the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus, with its 1,825 colours, is the "big sister" of the popular RAL K7 Colour fan from the RAL CLASSIC colour collection with a significantly larger colour selection. With this, we offer designers the appropriate and, as usual, standardised colour tone for every application purpose." - Markus Frentrop, Global Head RAL COLOURS.

RAL is the applied language of colours. With the colour collections RAL CLASSIC and RAL EFFECT as well as the RAL DESIGN SYSTEM plus RAL offers professional colour users a diverse selection of precise colour templates. The palette of RAL colours encompasses a total of 2,540 colour shades. With colour fans, plastic standards and software products as well as colour design and trend books RAL products offer the ideal product for every design purpose. At the same time, it is the common goal of RAL and its partners to develop principles for sustainable design and impulses for the colour language of the future.

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