Navigate through the colour spectrum with RAL DIGITAL 5.1.

Simple, quick colour search with RAL DIGITAL 5.1

Are you looking for a certain shade from the RAL world of colour? The RAL DIGITAL 5.1 software will do this simply and quickly for you. Every RAL shade can be found very easily, either based on matches with the latest collections from various manufacturers or compared with colourmetric values. Regardless of whether they are RGB or lab values, the software will show you the closest RAL colour as soon as you have entered your desired parameters. At the same time you have the option of receiving recommendations for inspiring colour harmonies. They can be compiled straightforwardly using plain coloured, similar, analogue or complementary design briefs.

Creative colour design with RAL DIGITAL 5.1

The RAL DIGITAL software supports the development of your own colour harmonies in many different ways. It provides design aids for the development of your own colour ranges through integrated adjectives from the RAL design books, namely “Das Farbwörterbuch” (The Colour Dictionary), “Farben der Gesundheit” (The colours of health) and “Farben der Hotels” (Colours of hotels). In addition, the software contains a comprehensive list of key words with suggestions by designers and interior decorators on the latest colour terminology.

Save and export your colour design so that you can continue to use it in CAD and graphics programs. As part of this, the innovative scratch pad gives you the opportunity to either integrate your special RAL colour selection or even all the RAL colour ranges into a number of modern software applications and continue producing creations there with your RAL colours.

Easy first steps into the digital RAL world of colour with RAL DIGITAL 5.1

Would you initially like to have an overview of the various options available to work with RAL DIGITAL 5.1? This is also possible quickly and easily with just one click. The practical demo-version of RAL DIGITAL 5.1 offers you the full range of functions with a reduced colour selection. It’s the perfect tool to see the benefits for yourself of working with RAL DIGITAL 5.1.

Finding the right colour at the right time in the right place can only operate by working confidently through the colour space. The RAL colour space is a good basis for functioning navigation and unambiguous communication. A good tool for this is RAL DIGITAL.
Bettina Menzel, architect, Professor for Interior Design, Wismar University of Applied Sciences
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