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ArcelorMittal Orbit

The Olympic landmark in London is global advertising for RAL Colours from Germany

Sankt Augustin, May 16th 2012. Although the Opening Ceremonies are not taking place until 27 July 2012, the new Olympic tower in London has already become a major attraction. It took a total of 2000 metric tons of tubular steel to create the ArcelorMittal Orbit tower, which twists and loops to the adventurous height of 115 metres. Entirely asymmetrical and without a single straight edge, the entire construction touches the ground at only three points. Its colour is particularly striking - the RAL 3003 ruby red. It took almost 20,000 litres of RAL 3003 to coat this piece of art.

The ArcelorMittal Orbit is a conception of Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor, who has a worldwide reputation for sculptures made of stone, steel, plastic and textiles - mostly gigantic and often coloured blood red (while checking the construction progress, the artist noticed that the workers had used the wrong colour and they had to repaint more than a few sections).

An intense colour with a soft effect, RAL 3003 is reminiscent of red berries and red wine - but also coagulated blood. The striking RAL colour is a major reason why the Orbit tower on the grounds between the Olympic Stadium (height: 60 m) and the Olympic swimming pool is impossible to overlook.

The 2,000 metric tons of steel used in its construction come from a number of countries on all the continents where steel giant ArcelorMittal does business. Almost two-thirds of the Orbit is made of recycled steel. If the tubes were placed in a straight line, the Orbit tower would be significantly higher than the Eiffel Tower. ArcelorMittal contributed £19.6 million towards the monumental Olympic tower and the Greater London Authority paid the remaining 3.1 million.

The Orbit was planned to accommodate 5,000 visitors per hour, who will arrive at the two observation platforms by using one of the two lifts with a 21-person occupancy limit or the integrated staircase with 455 steps. When the skies are clear, they can expect a 20-mile view in any event, a good outlook for London. With the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the city has also created a monument for RAL colour 3003 ruby red - Olympic gold for RAL red!

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